Andrea Hamilton AH Studio
London Every Day · Halcyon Gallery

London Every Day · Halcyon Gallery

24th November 2015
Mayor’s Fund for London

Andrea Hamilton’s very personal images collected in this book and in this exhibition remind us that we each carry our own unique kaleidoscope of landmarks, faces and moments, our own vision of London. Our job at the Mayor’s Fund for London is to work with those young Londoners yet to understand this inclusiveness. We aim to help them seize the endless possibilities the city has to offer – through focusing on literacy and numeracy skills, health and wellbeing – ultimately, to find decent jobs and lead fulfilled lives.

In turn, we depend on a myriad of generous supporters and benefactors whose appreciation of the art of living well is enhanced by helping so many young people escape the threat of poverty.

We are very grateful to our contributors, who have each selected an image that resonates with them and shared an insight about their relationship with London; to our sponsors for their generosity; and to Alisa Swidler and Andrea Hamilton for their vision and boundless enthusiasm.

Matthew Patten
Chief Executive, Mayor’s Fund for London

All profits go to The Mayor’s Fund for London @mayorsfund #LondonEveryDay